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Is your sales team suffering from feeling frazzled? Are they wasting precious time throughout their day on administrative tasks, or spending countless hours searching for the latest sales materials? No one, in the world of sales, has time to waste. Another day, another dollar. Time is money!

SalesBuddy is here to help sales teams become UNfrazzled. With more time saved, sales reps are now able to spend more time doing what they love most – SELLING!

SalesBuddy is a sales presentation platform that syncs with your CRM, allowing sales teams to operate more efficiently and effectively. The tool enables companies to deliver compelling, brand-consistent sales presentations, while simultaneously giving Sales Managers greater insight into their team’s daily sales activity. As the sales team is closing deals faster, managers can monitor activity and results to make more qualified decisions.

SalesBuddy has proven to save existing clients up to 25% of their sales reps workday, and we’d love for your organization to experience similar results!