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Trade your Binder for a Tablet

Send your prospects their own unique sales presentation as soon as you conclude presenting it with just 1-click.

Imagine being able to over-deliver to your potential customers with a brilliantly polished and highly memorable sales presentation.

Organization of your meeting is effortless and straightforward, cutting follow up time in half by leveraging the visual impact of your marketing team.

SalesBuddy allows you to prepare, present, and follow up with ease so you can dedicate more time to engaging with prospects and winning deals, and less time on paperwork.

The app works across all devices, is highly intuitive, doesn’t require wifi, and records your meeting as you present.

ROI? SalesBuddy has an Average Payback Period of 5-6 Months

Our largest customers are corporations with revenues in excess of $1billion and a salesforce numbering in the hundreds across the globe.

SalesBuddy is pushing the boundaries of modern mobile capability across global industry. From empowering large scale teams to deliver a powerful and engaging message that will impress customers and win deals, to streamlining the follow up process for admin teams. Our platform makes it easy to connect and deliver with modern mobile.

Our technology serves global leaders in industries such as manufacturing, energy & resources, financial services, and healthcare.

Your buyer has evolved. Has your sales & marketing process evolved along with them?