The Smart Enablement Platform


Marketing Team


Creates Sales Content For Unique Buyer Personas, Stored On Any CRM or Our Platform


Sales Team


Presents, Shares & Analyzes Content Circulated Throughout the Buyer's Journey


New Customers


Closed with 25% Less Cost Per Sale, and 2hrs/day More Time Spent with Customers

About SalesBuddy

Our core mission: To help you build more meaningful, personal relationships.

We thought there was too much time being wasted preparing for and following up from sales presentations. Large companies need more streamlined alignment of their sales and marketing teams so that each can support one another from preparation through closing the deal. The end result? You and your team can spend more time doing the things that matter most, and less time worrying about the details.

Innovative Solutions

Forget about all those disorganized files in Google Drive and Dropbox. We blended the most elite technology with pure human rationale to solve the age old problem of “not enough time in the day”. The platform easily allows collaboration among all teams from sales to admin and from HR to leadership. Your organization organically becomes more productive and efficient.

Streamlined Approach

Our platform is the result of the combined knowledge and expertise of computer software, sales, and marketing leaders at the top of their field. Instead of confusing logistics making technology more complex, we integrate with the CRM you already know and love, streamlining your preparation, presentation, and follow up process across your entire organization.

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